There are many things that will define the relative success or failure of your blog and this is one very simple thing that you should know about.

I had been blogging for about four months before I had even heard about it and unfortunately for me I had been making this very simple mistake.

Many of the gurus will tell you that a good way to drive FREE traffic to your site is to visit high ranking blogs and leave legitimate and relevant comments on the posts made there. There is no doubt that this will bring traffic to your site.

Bonus Tip that is nothing to do with this post title!

A bonus for you in this post is something I learnt only the other day from one of my new blogging friends, Dean Howell is how to find blogs that are talking about similar products and ideas to your own.

He suggests that you type the following phrase into your search bar to find those blogs that would be most relevant for you to actually make a comment on.

site: inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “your product”

“your product” obviously needs to be substituted with whatever product it is that you are marketing.

You make your comment on the other persons blog and that comment “advertises” you and your own knowledge.

Other commenters will see your comment and perhaps decide to visit your site.

They can only do this if the blog you are commenting on allows you to leave a link to your site though – and this is the bit you need to know.

Do Follow or No Follow

When I visit your site I will probably leave a comment for you out of the kindness of my own heart. But, and it is a big but, if your blog is NO FOLLOW then I am unlikely to leave future comments. Instead I will visit other blogs that are DO FOLLOW because they allow me to link back to my own site.

My time is limited and if I wish to comment on ten blogs each day I am more likely to do so on blogs that will enable people to ping back to my own site – simple logic really.

OK! But how do I check Richie?

What? You thought I wouldn’t tell you the information? Patience my friend. Here is the solution.

What causes dofollow or nofollow is the rel attribute in anchor tag in HTML code of page. To many of you that will mean nothing at all, so, in simple terms……

There is an easy way to check the source code in all browsers including Mozilla Firefox.

1. Google your own site
2. Go to one of your posts where you have added a link
3. Highlight the link
4. Right Click on your mouse
5. Click on “View Selection Source”
6. IF you see the phrase rel=”nofollow” as per the picture belown- then unfortunately you have a NOFOLLOW blog and that means that I will comment once and never again. Sorry, nothing personal, but my time is limited.
Highlight a link in your blog, right click it, click on View Selection Source and if you see rel="nofollow" you have a problem

Make your blog a DOFOLLOW and I will come back and comment regularly because that will allow me to advertise myself, and I don’t know about you, but I am trying to get people to visit me regularly.

For those of you that think, “Yeah! Thanks for that but now how do I make my blog a dofollow blog?”

I say, A) Blimey, how much value do you want from one post :-)
B) Tell you what, you leave me a comment on this DOFOLLOW blog and I will tell you directly or,
C) pop back to this blog and in the coming days I will show you how to make your NOFOLLOW blog a DOFOLLOW blog. Does that seem fair?

You might also want to take a look at my main blog site and leave a comment there, particularly if you have any interest in weight loss, positive thinking, goal planning, or The Law of Attraction

This site lets you make a comment and leave your latest blog post as a link back to your site – go take a look and you will see what I mean. That is what you are trying to accomplish with your own site.

Have a great weekend

You worked really hard to find me, capture my details and set up your auto-responder and then your friend blew your credibility!

I have only been involved with internet marketing for a very short time and I am getting more and more excited by it.

Everyday I open my email inbox to find that I am bombarded with notifications about how I can become a multi-millionaire overnight.

How awesome is that? I had no idea how easy it was to become a multi-millionaire and I shall be joining the ranks of MLM / IM millionaires forthwith.

In fact, I might join every single one of these golden opportunities and become an “overnight” multi-millionaire. It seems that if I can do it so easily then I may as well do it numerous times in different opportunities.

The only thing that concerns me is that most of these claims appear to be about “my friend”.

my friend made $x,000,000 dollars in a month

my friend made $x,000 dollars in a day

my friend got 500 leads a day in his first 9 days

my friend has a 65% conversion

my friend wants to show you how to x, y, or z

And that is great. And I am really happy for “my friend” and I wish “my friend” the very best of luck in the future.

It does leave me wondering though, was “my friend” just really lucky the one time?

Was “my friend” just in the right place at the right time?

Most of these emails leave me cold and I am sorry to say, a little distrustful of the people who are sending them to me.

You have gone to the trouble to find me.

You have gone to the trouble of capturing my details.

You have then gone to the trouble of sending me an auto-response email.

It is such a shame that after all of the hard work is done that your credibility is blown by mere mention of “my friend”.

Your credibility is especially blown when I get 3 or 4 or 6 or 10 of exactly the same email from different people on the same day.

Each one of them knows the same “my friend” as you and let’s me know that “my friend” wants to show ME how to do x, y or z.

Hey, here’s a thought, “Why doesn’t “my friend” show YOU how to do it first, and then YOU can show ME?”

Or at least give yourself some credibility and go to the trouble of at least giving “my friend” a real name.

My friends refer to me as “Richie”.

If my friends were sending you an email about me I would at least expect the email to say, “Hey, let me show you how my friend Richie……….”

When you send me an email in future that talks about “my friend”, I am going to give you the warning that I will read “my friend” as “some guy I read or heard about on the internet, that I don’t really know is claiming that……………”

I think that is fair don’t you?

Right now my income from network marketing, MLM and internet marketing is not worth a great deal and I will tell you this nugget of advice for nothing;

When you can show me how to make $10 a day I might start listening to YOU

So, with that in mind, how about I show you how to stop wasting your time with BS systems and start earning 100% commissions.

I am doing it and many of my friends are doing it and to see how we are doing it you can watch the video.

You might decide that it isn’t for you but I trust that when you see how it works you will want to at least give it a 90 day trial. Then you won’t have to send me an email about how your friend is making money. You will be able to send me an email abot how you are making money – that impresses me.

Don’t let your friend blow your credibility any longer – start making money yourself and start doing it today! 100% commissions coming your way.


Driving repeat traffic to your blog should be a number one aim of a blogger. You write a blog post and attract a few people, but the art of making money is about ensuring the same people come back time and again.

The purpose of that tactic is simply down to the fact that most people will not buy from you on a first visit.

It can take between one and eight visits from someone before they are engaged enough with you to trust your message and make a purchase.

There is a a very simple tactic to ensure that people come back to you.

Yesterday evening I was at the gym and I started on the jogging machine. I was just warming up and an old school friend took the jogging machine next to mine.

We had been on the same running team at scholl thirty years ago and after an initial hello he suggested we have a friendly three mile race.

I smiled, stopped my machine and said, “Let’s go!”

Three miles is a decent run for me and I had no doubt that I could complete a decent time. We agreed to call out to each other every hundred yards so we could track each other to see who was in front at any point.

As my friend called five hundred yards I was about forty yards behind and picked up the pace to catch up.

At a thousand yards the gap between us was down to thirty yards and I was comfortable and confident that I could catch him.

Anyway, I digress – how do you get your audience to return to your blog?

1. Killer Headlines – Put as much thought into your title as you do your content. What are your audience looking for? Word the title to get their interest over and above every other blog title out there.
2. Engage your audience – ask questions, ask for comments, be thought provoking.
3. Deliver solutions – make your content relevant and answer the point in your title so the reader learns from you.
4. Hint at your following title to keep themlooking out for more from you.
5. Tell stories because everyone loves a story teller.

I hope that makes sense and I assuer you that your audience will enjoy your content. They will read every word and they will come back for more.

To prove the point to yourself I can pretty much guarantee that you have read all the way to this point.

The reason I know this is because I started with a story and I only got half way through the story and unconsciously you need to know what happened :-)

Did I win the race or did my friend beat me? See how simple it is to keep someone reading your posts?

Shall I tell you who won? Or shall I save it to the next post?

Hmmmmmm! Okay, I like you and I want you to know the outcome so I shall, on this occasion finish the story.

For the first two and a half miles my friend managed to keep the distance between us at around forty to sixty yards.

I picked up my pace and used my motivational strategy to catch him. Every fibre in my legs was hurting as I ran to my limit.

With three hundred yards to go I was one hundred yards behind and could not make any headway. I was eventually beaten by about eighty yards and was in agony.

I was hanging on to the support handles and my breathing was laboured. Sweat was dripping from every pore in my body and I looked over to my friend who seemed hardly out of breath.

“What’s your tactic Dave?” I asked.

“What’s your motivational strategy Richie?” he replied.

“When I want to pick up my pace I imagine that I am running through the forest and a wolf is chasing me. How do you motivate yourself?” I said.

He stepped off the machine, walked over to me and patted me on the back. I stood and we looked each other in the eye.

“You are almost there Richie boy. Almost but not quite. When you are running the wolf is chasing you, yes?”

“That’s right Dave,” I said.

Dave smiled at me as he turned towards the changing room and said, “When you are running, the wolf is chasing you. But when I am running, I am chasing the wolf.”

Let me know your motivational strategies?
In your daily life are you running from the wolf or are you chasing the wolf?
So that I can improve my writing I would appreciate a simple, “Yes” in the comment box if you read to the very end.

Join me next time for another simple trick. Who knows, I might even tell another story. :-)


There are so many gurus around that it is difficult to know who to trust and I want to know an easy way to spot a fake guru and save some money.

From what little I know in my new career as an internet entrepreneur and “guru” I am led to believe that the Alexa Rank of a particular blog is important?

Alexa ranks every website in respect of traffic to that website, and the lower your Alexa score, the more popular your website

Currently the Top 10 Alexa sites are;

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • youtube
  • Yahoo
  • Blogger
  • Baidu
  • Wikipedia
  • Windows
  • Twitter
  • QQ

From what little information I have I believe that to achieve a ranking in the top 100,000 websites you would need to be achieving somewhere in the region of 200 – 400 visits per day.

There will be some anomalies with ACTUAL popularity because Alexa only counts visits from sources that have the Alexa toolbar installed.

A website or blog that discusses web topics is likely to have a higher proportion of visitors with the Alexa toolbar installed than a website or blog that discusses pet care, due simply to the nature of the blog. More “techie” web based sites will attract more visitors from “techie”, web interest people and these people are more inclined to have the Alexa toolbar installed in the first place.

Alexa ranks your blog or website for visits over a three month period. This means that when you first start blogging you should see your Alexa rank reducing each time you check your blog rank.

If you have the Alexa toolbar installed on your computer you are guaranteed an Alexa visit each time you visit your own blog due only to the fact that you have the toolbar installed.

After three months your rate of progress towards the number one spot will inevitably slow down because you need to be getting more visits than you had on day 1.

The lower your rank the harder it will become to lower it further because your competition becomes more serious. Two hundred daily visits to achieve a rank of 100,000 is attainable for all but if you want to get into the 20,000 rank or lower you might need to be achieving 2000 visits a day, and this will only be achievable for the very serious blogger.

So, what can you do to boost your Alexa rank?

Firstly you need to ensure that you have installed the toolbar available from so that you can at least note your daily and weekly progress. Remember that it is only visits from sources with the Alexa toolbar that will help you climb the Alexa rank.

Installing the toolbar gives you an immediate notice of how popular any blog that you visit actually is.

There are many “gurus” out there and before you part with any of your hard earned cash a quick check on the Alexa rank of their blog or website will give you some idea of the popularity of their blog.

Someone who claims to be a guru should have easily cleared the one million mark unless you know for a fact that they have only just started that particular site.

When they claim to have been in the business for ten years and have “secrets” for sale but their blog is poorly ranked you would do yourself a favour by keeping your money in your pocket!

Heck! I know I am good at whatever I aim to be good at, and my ambition is to become a “guru”, but right now, chances are you know more than me ok?

The dashboard on a blog I started in April 2011 and have made only one post since July 2011 has an Alexa Rank of 720,000.

Alexa Rank of my dashboard circled in red - apparently qualifies me as a guru according to some charlatans out there!

I will become a guru, in fact, projecting forward, using the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking, “I AM A GURU!”

But seriously!

You want to charge me $5, $10, $25 and my dashboard has a higher rank than your site?

Get real!

What I am good at and would class myself as a guru is showing you how to achieve your desired body shape and weight. And for that, I wouldn’t even charge you. Put your money away and visit and you can have that for free.


Success is a state of mind and when you think about financial success you will finally achieve financial success. Continue to concentrate on your precarious financial state and you will remain in a perilous financial state.

Before reading the full article I would like to suggest that you spend a couple of minutes plotting any part of your life in the form of a graph with your age progressing along the horizontal (x) axis, and the highs and lows plotted on the vertical (y) axis; life, love, relationships, finances, career, mood, anything you choose for the purpose of this exercise.

The majority of people will see that the graph is a series of peaks and troughs and this can be directly related to your way of thinking. When presented with a specific stimulus some people will be driven “towards” the positive aspects but the majority will merely drive “away” from the negative aspects of the stimulus.

The successful few will always drive towards the positive; planning to achieve the next goal, pay rise, bonus, holiday, social event, financial achievement, relationship achievement.

The majority will be driven to get away from the negative and this is obviously a good thing. Where that thought process fails is that once they are far enough from the negative their drive and motivation will start to fade and because unconsciously their focus is on the negative they will inevitably head back towards it; poverty, redundancy, divorce, toxic relationship, fitness, weight, you name it.

By simply concentrating on the positive; what you want, how you are going to achieve it, with step by step goals you will undoubtedly see your results improve in leaps and bounds.

A simple proof of the above process is the amount of money spent on diets and exercise.

You allow yourself to become unfit and overweight until you reach a point where “enough is enough”.

At that point you embark on a healthy eating, exercise driven strategy and then at some point you achieve a weight that is far enough away from the “fat” person you once were.

Unconsciously you are still concentrating on the “fat” person and you will ultimately become that person again.

Now flick the switch. Stop the thought process of moving away from the person you don’t want to be and start sprinting towards the person that you ultimately want to become and see the difference.

Then apply the same to whatever you wish to achieve and I promise you ultimate success in every aspect that you apply that thinking to.

Rather than trying to escape your current financial situation start running towards the financial freedom that you deserve and see, feel and touch the difference.

Click on the link to watch the video and see how literally hundreds of people are producing a residual income – even those that have struggled to make anything online before.

When you think you can do it you will achieve it and the first step is to take twenty minutes to see how this will work for anyone.


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